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This is a general frequently asked question's guide for yard employees. It is good information for newer members, and great as a refresher for seasoned members.  


120 day rule

The 120 day rule applies to both yard and road members. It is a 120 day restriction in the yard or road and begins once you go from a road assignment a yard assignment or vice versa. The XK01 counts towards service for either yard or road service, protecting both types of assignments. Service on the XK01 cannot start your 120 days in either service. The 120 day rule does not apply if a member cannot hold any other service without violating it. Road locals count toward road service (Roydale, La Salle, Rolla…)

Examples: Joe gets bumped off of a yard assignment after 30 days in the yard, and chooses to markup on the XK01. His service on the XK01 can fulfill his remaining 90 days of yard service. After 365 days, he chooses to go to a pool turn by standing bid. The first day on the pool turn would mark the beginning of his 120 days on the road.



Holidays for Denver are:

New Year’s Day
President’s Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve.

Members working the holiday in yard service will receive pay at double time and one-half when qualified. Assignments not working the holiday (XK01 and rest days included), will receive a basic day at straight time when qualified. To qualify for the holiday, members must protect the day before and after the holiday. If the holiday, day before, or day after, lands on rest days, you must protect the previous/following day. You may protect holidays with vacation days. Members on the XK01 must work a yard assignment the day before and day after the holiday to receive holiday pay (getting called for a road assignment will null and void the holiday). In addition, members must have 11 starts in the 30 calendar days prior to the holiday.


Riding a Bulletin

If an assignment is bulletined, or vacant in yard service, there is no agreement with the carrier to ride or temp a bulletin.


Temping Assignments in Yard Service

A member may temp any known vacancy greater than one week in yard service. The 120 day rule applies to temps (cannot temp a yard assignment off of the XK01 if still restricted to road service). Once you are on-duty on the temp assignment, you now own a hold down on the assignment regardless of your seniority. The hold down only applies once you are on-duty the first time. If you temp a yard assignment, any senior seniority member may bump you off the temped assignment before you are showing on-duty for the first time.


Using Yard Seniority Moves

Members working in yard service are entitled to 6 seniority moves per calendar year. They can only be used only contacting either the yard local chairman or the yard vice-local chairman. If a member takes it upon themselves to contact crew services to perform a seniority move, it will be reversed and the member will lose that move. You may only bump a junior seniority member and only from a yard assignment. Yard seniority moves can be made from the XK01, but not to the XK01. Members cannot use a seniority move 48 hours before or after a holiday.


XK01 Brakeman Switchman's Extra Board

The XK01 is a combined yard and road service extra board. A member can place on the XK01 board one of the following ways. Be bumped (meaning have a bump coming), by standing bid, or on Sadie Hawkins day. Yard seniority moves cannot be made to place to the XK01. Members need to be remote control qualified in order to hold the XK01. Members will receive full guarantee if they stay available to come to work for the entire half. Members will not lose any guarantee by taking compensated days off of work (personal leave or vacation days). Members will lose the equivalent of one days guarantee for every day they are laid off uncompensated (this amount will vary based on the number of days in the pay half).


Yard Calling Hours

All yard assignments in the Denver hub must be on duty between 06:30 and 07:59, 14:30 and 15:59, and 22:30 and 23:59. If you are called outside yard calling hours for an assignment in yard service, you need to submit a time claim.


Getting Bumped


If you are bumped, you have 48 hours from the time you are notified of displacement to place yourself on an assignment. You must stay within the guidelines of the 120 day rule when placing yourself. If you let your 48 hours lapse, you can be forced to an assignment.

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