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**Please notify the Treasurer if you have dues taken out of vacation pay if you are furloughed.**


1. Road Schedule 92 (21)


2. Zone 200, Section 4, agreement

1. Train service employees will be called back to work in seniority order.

2. You must have current address and phone number updated with CMS unless you have been granted a leave of absence in accordance to rule 88.

3. When you are being called back by CMS to work at your “Home Point” you have 30 days to report or you will lose your seniority and your job. You can report back as soon as you wish. Only if you exhaust all your seniority in the entire hub FIRST, before becoming furloughed. EXAMPLE: A Denver employee who can work in Grand Junction, but cannot in Denver, and chooses to take a furlough in Denver.... if recalled in Denver, has 48 hours, if recalled to a location other than Denver, 5 days.

4. If you come back and only get one start, it will activate your medical benefits for three months and your family’s benefits for four months. This is contrary to National Agreement. National Agreement dictates an employee must work 7 days to qualify in a calendar month. I suggest you only tell the membership, “7 days”. If the Carrier mistakenly restarts payment for benefits after one day worked, it is a bonus. Although Labor Relations Director of Benefits stated to me that, “one day” requalifies an employee and they will restart payments for another 3&4-month period, it is not correct.

5. After you are cut from the AWTS board or you are furlough, your benefits are still active for three months and your family’s benefits are active for four months.

6. Home Point cut off = If you live in Grand Junction and you wish to stay there and not come to Denver after being released from the AWTS board and you don’t want to exercise your seniority you may establish a home point cut off or furlough there by contacting CMS. The same goes for Denver, if you want Denver to be your home point you can request Denver to be your home point.

7. If you are called to report to any other location other than your “home point” (Denver/Phippsburg), say you were called to report to Grand Junction or Pueblo, you would have five days to report to that assignment. Only if you opted to “stay at home”, not exhausting your seniority in the hub prior to going furlough.

8. Remember, if CMS calls you in the middle of the night to come back to work you don’t have to take the call, you will not lose any guarantee. If you do take the call please ask them to place you on an extra board or on a job assignment. This will establish a turn on the extra board and will create a job!


Road Schedule 92 (21)

(21) Conductors and brakemen laid off in reduction in force will retain and accumulate seniority and will be returned to service in the order of their seniority provided they keep the Superintendent advised of their current address. Failing to return to service within 30 days after being notified by mail or telegram sent to the last address given; they will be considered out of the service and forfeit seniority unless granted leave of absence in accordance with Rule 88.

The Zone 200, Section 4, agreement:

Section 4. Employees achieving seniority on Seniority
Zone 200 after the effective date of this Agreement shall have rights only on Seniority Zone 200 and shall have no prior rights on any specific former seniority district.




(1) Employees achieving seniority on Seniority Zone 200 after the effective date of this Agreement shall designate one of the five road Seniority Districts as a "Home Point".


 (2) When an employee is cut off at their home point or is furloughed at their "Home Point", if their services are not needed at any other location where they hold seniority (Road or Yard) , they will be given the right to remain at the point where cut off or "Home Point", subject to the following conditions:


(a) Within 5 days from the date the employees notified that he is cut off from the extra board he must make a written or telephone request upon CMS for permission to remain at his home point rather than exercise his seniority to another location within Zone 200. If the cut-off employee’s services are not needed at any other location, his request to stay at the home point will be granted and he will be so notified.

(b) The cut-off employee granted permission to remain at his home point under the provisions of paragraph (a) above will be required to report for work at his home point within 48 hours from the time notified to report, or within 5 days from date notified to report if called to report at a location other than his home point.

    (c) When employees are needed at a location where there are not sufficient home point men at such location to protect the needs of the service, the junior employee, or employees, remaining at other home points will be notified and will be required to report to the location to which called within 5 days from date of notification.


    (d) An employee called to a location other than his home point will, upon written request on CMS, be permitted to return to his home point when there is an ample supply of employees to handle the work at the location to which he has been recalled.


    (e) An employee permitted to remain at his home point under paragraph (a) above may return to service prior to recall by filing written notice with the Superintendent or his designated representative. The cut-off employee will, if he has sufficient seniority, be permitted to return to service when the extra board at the location where he desires to work is increased.

  (f) A cut-off employee remaining at the home point under paragraph (a) above will be required to keep CMS informed as to his current address.

 (g) An employee who is recalled to service in accordance with this agreement and who fails to report for service within the time provided herein will forfeit all employment and seniority rights.

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