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Health Insurance Information for Furloughed Members

UPRR Members

UPREHS handles insurance for YOU, not your dependents.
The following information is for the members only and includes only health insurance information.
It does not include dental or vision insurance coverage.

Health insurance will continue for three months following the last month you paid premiums.
Example: Your last working start was February 27, 2015, you would be insured through May 2015.

You can purchase COBRA insurance through UPREHS which would be the same health coverage you had while working after your three months expire. The coverage is $100.00 per month for an additional 6 months beyond the three months after you are furloughed. The $100.00 per month coverage cannot exceed the number of months you paid premiums to UPREHS.
Example: You worked for four months before being furloughed. You would be eligible for three months of coverage following the last month of your last start. You are also eligible to purchase four additional months of coverage at the $100.00 per month rate.
At the end of your determined $100.00 per month eligibility you may purchase coverage at a rate of $702.37 per month if you have under 12 months of total service.

If you have over 12 months of total service, you may purchase coverage for $100.00 per month for 6 months following 3 months after your last month of your last start. Coverage can then be purchased for an additional 6 months at $175.00 per month. Coverage can then be purchased at $702.37 per month.

Once you are furloughed, UPREHS will send you a packet in the mail with information about purchasing coverage specific to you. If you do not receive your packet or have any questions, UPREHS can be contacted at http://www.uprehs.com/homepage.shtml  or by calling Toll-Free: (800) 547-0421.

BNSF Members

Coming Soon........

Find Out About Health Insurance for Your Dependents

Union Pacific/BNSF Members

  • Contact United Healthcare at (800)842-9905 as soon as possible following being furloughed so that you will not have any interruptions in medical coverage.
  • If you are furloughed, and
    (1) you have had an employment relationship with your employer for at least six months, and
    (2) you have rendered compensated service for three months as an Eligible Employee,

    you will be covered for Employee and Dependents Health Care Benefits during your furlough until the end of the fourth month following the month in which you last rendered compensated service.
  • Members may purchase an additional 14 months of coverage for their dependents at a cost of $702.37 per month and covers health, dental and vision.
  • Additional information on dependent coverages during a furlough can be found here (page 21 of link).
  • Additional information from United Healthcare can be found here.


Railroad Retirement Unemployment

Railroad Retirement unemployment benefits are determined by benefit year. To qualify for unemployment benefits in the benefit year beginning July 1, 2014 you must have at least $3512.50 of railroad income in 2013 with no more than $1405.00 of that total coming in any one month. You must also have at least 5 months of service credits in 2013. If you work 1 start in a month, you earn a service credit for that month. If you were not employed by the railroad until 2014, you would not be eligible for benefits until July 1, 2015 with the above mentioned requirements.

If you have any questions regarding RRB unemployment benefits you can contact the Railroad Retirement Board at https://secure.rrb.gov/  or by calling toll free: (877) 772-5772.

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