BN Road Safety Committee

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BN Road Safety Committee

The safety committee evolves from the Safety Summit Agreement Part II - Safety Participation.  The BN Road Safety Committee member will "identify safety concerns and make recommendations for resolution of identified issues" as part of the larger committee as a whole.  The Safety Committee has a responsibility to "identify and eliminate risks (physical plant risks, behavioral risks and attitudinal risks)."  Utilizing the Safety Summit Agreement, the safety committee member will participate in monthly safety meetings and marathons.

The BN Road committee member will be rotated every January 1st.  The intent of rotating every year is to allow as many members to be a part of the committee.  This way we get as many members viewpoints with all variances of seniority to participate in your agreement. 

In order to be considered to participate as the safety committee representative, the member must:

  • Be an active member in good standing with 245B.
  • Represent the UTU and Local respectively.
  • Participate in and support the safety process process for the good of the membership.
  • Be active in the S.I.R.P. program and promote its benefits with the Local.
  • Ensure proper reporting to the carrier, Local Chairpersons and State/Local Legislative Representatives on all S.I.R.P.'s.
  • Provide updates and follow up to members of any S.I.R.P, to include updating the local Safety Committee webpage as necessary.
  • "Attend all meetings of their Local where reasonably possible to do so".  If not able to do so, notify the Local Chairman to arrange for an alternative way to notify the Local of any updates. 
  • Actively participate in safety meetings, safety marathons, safety activities and provide a report of such activities at the next scheduled Local meeting as noted above.

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