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Your UTU Local and Vice Local Chairmen, representing Conductors and Trainmen, Yardmen, Hostlers and Engineers are working hard to provide you with the most accurate, up to date information available in regards to your job and your Union. We are committed to give you the best representation on the property. No other Union provides the security of well educated and experienced representation when facing disciplinary action from the Carrier. Your Local Chairmen have committed to work together to give you the best representation as a team.

For answers to your agreement questions, no other Union will provide you with the accurate information you need. Your UTU Local Chairmen and Vice Local Chairmen are the points of contact on the agreements concerning your job. 

Please use the information provided on this website to become more familiar with the rules and procedures concerning your job. Each section contains specific information regarding the class of service you work in. If an issue you are interested in is not covered, please let us know, updates will be occurring regularly.

Thank You for choosing to be part of the strongest, largest and most effective organization at BNSF, the United Transportation Union.

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