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Denver, CO is an important Hub on the BNSF Network as such we have many operations going on in and around Denver. Denver has its unique challenges, where other terminals in the BNSF network deal with one or two former roads and routes, Denver has 3 Former railraods meeting here. Denver operates to Grand Junction, CO, Sterling, CO, Trinidad, CO via Lajunta and Pueblo, CO, Cheynne, WY and McCook NE. We have 2 swithcing yards in Denver proper Rennix, and 31st street Yard, which are Class 1 yards being manned 24/7. As you can imagine there is alot of information to take in and alot of knowledge to be had working so many different jobs here.


SMART-TD Local 202 Local Chairmen and thier teams represent Conductors and Trainmen, Yardmen, Hostelrs and Engineers on the BNSF. We are committed to giving you the best representation on property and working tirelessly to give you a product deserving of our member's dues. We are commited to improving Denver and fighting the fight to improve the quality of life however possible.

While we hold up our end, we expect you to hold up yours, educate yourself on the agreements, the rules, and keep yourself informed.  

Any and all questions and concerns should be directed to your local chariman, while we do not turn anyone away for assistance or knowledge, knowing who you operate under is very valuable piece of information when it comes to points of contact in cases of emegerncy.

Please use this website to educate yourself of the ongoings of your union represenatives, agreements, rules, safety information,  BNSF related news, and more.


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