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UTUIA Local 202 Representative

Don Wood (ROAD)


UTUIA Regional Representative

Charlie Skidmore

UTUIA History

More than 131 years ago, UTUIA predecessors made a commitment to join together to protect fellow employees in the rail industry, and their families, against losses sustained due to hardship, injury and death.


Because of the hazardous nature of their occupation, commercial insurance companies would not insure railroad employees. As these employees were too generous to allow their fellow workers to suffer, they assisted one another by taking up collections — passing the hat, if you will — for the benefit of the afflicted worker, or for the worker's family in the event of his death. Railroaders were independent, however, and the idea of charity did not appeal to them. From this history and tradition, the idea of mutual help was born.

Who can participate? 

Those employed in the transportation industry may apply for membership in UTUIA. From its roots of fraternalism more than 131 years ago, UTUIA has evolved to provide today's insurance and financial products to meet member's

UTUIA's Mission

The mission of United Transportation Union Insurance Association is:

  • to promote the general welfare of its members in matters of mutual concern and interest;
  • to disseminate information about life, health and annuity products developed to fulfill the personal and financial needs of its members, thereby providing for the security of UTUIA members and their families;
  • to render uncompromising service to its members quickly, efficiently and professionally;
  • and, to encourage and facilitate community outreach and volunteer activities through its local units.

UTUIA's Promise 

UTUIA’s pledge to its members is that it will continue to conduct its business affairs for the benefit and security of its members and their families. UTUIA recognizes its obligations to its members and shall constantly strive to live up to the ideals of the fraternal benefit system.

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