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These are common questions that the local receives. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will post them.


What are the paid holidays in 2013?

Tue, Jan 1   Mon, Feb 18   Fri, Mar 29   Mon, May 27   Thu, Jul 4   Mon, Sept 2   Thur, Nov 28   Fri, Nov 29   Tue, Dec 24   Wed, Dec 25   Tue, Dec 31

Do I have to be notified if I am going to short rest or not after being called for a deadhead?

There is no agreement nor federal law that states that the carrier has to notify us.  From a safety standpoint, we are challenging the carrier to own up to their commitments.  They state that they are getting better with lineups, yet they can't tell a crew what they will be doing after they are called to deadhead.  This shows that they still are having problems planning 6 hours out.

What is the difference between a deadhead and flip rate and how is it to be paid?

A deadhead is simply getting in a contractor van and going to the Away from home terminal (AFHT) or returning to your home terminal.  A flip is when you are called from the home terminal and deadhead to the AFHT to immediately get on a train to return to the home terminal.  If you flip, it is to be paid at the flip rate.  If you deadhead and are told to go to the hotel to short rest and be put back on duty at the original call time, you will be owed a new trip rate. 

When on an extra board, what codes are paid above guarantee?




A few new CA codes have come into place as of February 2013 and we are verifying its applicability.  If you don't see the CA here it will be used towards your guarantee.


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