International Level


All UTU officers are elected and, where necessary, are bonded to insure fiduciary responsibility to the members of the union.

International Structure

The International Union consists of one convention delegate from each local plus all elected officers and boards. Delegates are elected by the members  of each local to attend quadrennial conventions where they decide on ammendments to the Constitution and elect officers for the next four years.

The International President
 is elected to office every four (4) years at the Convention. He/she heads all union affairs and activities, presides at conventions, supervises officers and employees, interprets union laws, decides all disputes, and exercises general executive and administrative control of daily activities of the union.

The Assistant President is elected to the office every four (4) years at the Convention. He/she assists the President in carrying out all policies and programs of the union and in any other matter assigned by the President.

The General Secretary and Treasurer is elected to office every four (4) years at the Convention. He/she is the chief financial officer of the union. This officer collects all monies, pays all bills, countersigns cheques, documents and charters, keeps accurate records of finances, files all lawful reports and performs other duties required by convention or assigned by the President

The U.S. National Legislative Director
 is the chief legislative and political officer in the U.S. He/she coordinates the activities of the State Legislative Representatives. He/she furnishes recommendations regarding political activites to the President. The U.S. Legislative Director is responsible for the resolution of rail safety issues and the passage of legislation protecting the interests of the membership. 

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