Intermediate Level


Each General Chairperson is elected by the members of the General Committee of Adjustment which is comprised of all the Local Chairpersons in each district on each property. The election to fill this position takes place every four (4) years at the convening of the General Committee of Adjustment. The General Chairperson handles all claims, grievances and discipline matters on a regional basis, with authority to make and interpret contracts on work rules and pay rates, and negotiate agreements with management officials on a national and regional level.

Each State Legislative Director is elected to office by members of the State Legislative Board which is comprised of Legislative Representatives of each local. The election to fill this position takes place every four (4) years. State Legislative Directors attend sessions of State Legislatures and keep close contact with state lawmakers to promote political and legislative interests of the members. They ensure compliance with the F.R.A regulations and the resolution of state safety matters.

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